Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Attorneys Aimed At Protecting Your IP Portfolio

Our lawyers at DeWald Law Group offer legal services designed to help writers, inventors and businesses protect their rights to their names, creative output, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, copyrights and patents.

In addition, our intellectual property lawyers understand the laws of nontraditional marks such as those involving sound and scent. Our attorneys make sure that clients are in a position to receive the full commercial value of their intellectual property.

We represent people in matters such as:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets
  • Patents
  • Licensing, Divestment, Acquisition
  • NDAs
  • Infringement, Dilution, Misappropriation
  • IP Portfolio Management
  • USPTO Disputes

Trademark Registration And Litigation
We help protect intellectual property assets such as words, phrases, designs, symbols, sounds and scents used to identify goods or services. We conduct a search to determine that the trademark has not been previously used. We help with registration of the trademark. We undertake litigation to stop any use of the mark by others. We develop licensing agreements to legitimize the use of registered trademarks by suppliers, contractors and resellers.

Clients with a patent on an idea or product with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have exclusive rights to benefit from the patented item. Inventors who learn that someone else is using their creation should consult an Illinois patent lawyer immediately to learn how exclusive rights can be restored, or how a licensing agreement can be developed to legitimize use of the patented invention.

Copyright protection applies to creative works such as prose, poetry, magazine articles, advertising, films, web sites, cartoons, and anything that is in a fixed medium and exhibits a level of creativity. We help clients register copyrights when necessary, generate cease and desist letters to protect their copyrights, and litigate on their behalf if the copyright is violated.

Trade Secrets
We undertake to protect trade secrets, such as the recipe for a best-selling frozen desert or the code for a video game. We develop trade secret agreements that prevent employees from selling or giving data about the product to a competitor or otherwise releasing information not readily available elsewhere. When trade secret agreements are violated, we litigate to protect or restore the value of the trade secret. We develop licensing agreements that permit the legitimate use of a trade secret.

Nondisclosure Agreements
Your company possesses information that gives you a competitive advantage over others. You have invented a new product that everyone wants. Your business is ready to turn a corner with the infusion of new capital. Nondisclosure agreements are used in all industries to protect, preserve and prevent the unintended disclosure of information. Whether you are a multinational company testing your products with a small group of potential buyers, an inventor shopping your product to large manufacturers, a singer/songwriter looking to launch your first album, or a software company looking to prevent the early release of a new product, developing a strong nondisclosure agreement will help you maximize your potential while minimizing risks.

IP Licensing
Your idea is a good one, but you may not have the capital to commercialize its value. Consider licensing your trademark, copyright or patent. We assist clients in negotiating the purchase, sale and lease of their intellectual property.  Perhaps you have spent all your money developing your brand, only to find out a competitor has a similar brand already; don’t throw in the towel, let your intellectual property attorneys negotiate a co-existence agreement to allow both companies to flourish. That internet marketer may be able to sell 10 times the volume of your product with a distribution agreement. Contact our office to learn all possible revenue streams your IP can take.

Franchising and Branding
People love your product, let our intellectual property lawyers help you create a brand that will be recognized throughout the world.  The line is out the door at your restaurant, maybe you should consider creating a franchise.  Success breeds success, and everyone wants to share in what you’ve accomplished.  Developing a brand or franchise lets you grow to new heights.

Portfolio Management
Whether you’re a large business well-versed in IP, or a small startup looking to start the world on fire, an evaluation of the intangible business assets in your IP portfolio is a necessity. Our IP audits include a thorough and complete review of your company’s current and potential IP assets, with opinions of registrable opportunities and IP strategies for growth, revenue and competition. Once you’ve invested your time and money, make sure your IP remains protected and strong. Reviewing and renewing registrations, developing employee guides and thoughtful policing of your IP portfolio are keys to getting the most value out of your intellectual property.

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